Abbey Rosso

Abbey Remembered
In 1994 the Glide Wildflower Show Council, which was down to just two active members, decided not to present the show. The vase collection of nearly thirty years had been donated and the treasury had been distributed as scholarship funds. It seemed as if the show was over forever.

The following Autumn a bright young biologist, Abbey Rosso, who had recently moved to the North Umpqua River, heard about the legacy of the show from her neighbor and close friend, Jeanne Moore. Being an avid naturalist and outdoor enthusiast, Abbey was inspired to help continue the tradition of collecting and artfully displaying wildflowers in Glide. She held the first planning meeting at her home and a new Council was formed.

By April of 1995 new groups of collectors had been trained and the tradition of the Glide Wildflower Show began anew. Built on the foundation of earlier shows and with the able help of more than 100 seasoned volunteers, the show went on.

With Abbey’s botanical experience and attention to detail the presentation continued to be on par with the greatest of wildflower displays in the country. Her particular area of interest was the Lichen Family and she created a large lichen collection for Glide. She returned to college and subsequently earned a doctoral degree in lichenology. Through her studies and government contacts she was able to contribute valuable data regarding climate change. Abbey also helped preserve tree stands where rare lichens were found. She came back to volunteer with the show every year through 2012 in spite of her declining health. Late in September 2012 she lost her battle with ALS but her strength and will lives on in all who knew and loved her.