Propagation of Native Plants                                Talk is held in the Annex
 Presentation by Wendy J Coleman     

Come explore the intricacies of native plant propagation with US Forest Service Botany Technician Wendy Coleman. She will take you down the path of exploring propagation and collection methods for a handful of species on the Umpqua National Forest. Listen and learn as she demonstrates some of the techniques for collecting and growing native plant materials which can be applied in your own landscaped areas. Learn how the local Forest Service can help you acquire the source plant materials from the public lands.

Wendy will also discuss the various projects occurring on public and private lands across the region and what our focus of collecting native plant species is and how these efforts tie in with our projects. Whether we are collecting plant materials for large scale projects on the Forest, or if you are collecting plant materials for smaller landscape projects, the methods for collecting are basically the same, it is just a matter of scale.

If you are interested in creating pollinator habitat or just love the low maintenance and water-wise value that native plants can provide in your home gardens, stop by and learn how to propagate and grow your own native species in this practical workshop.

Wendy J Coleman , Biological Sciences Technician with the Forest Service on the Umpqua National Forest
I am a plant-nut working my dream job on a beautiful forest.  I am originally from Indiana, but I followed my dreams to study Botany at Humboldt State University and have been hooked on the Pacific Northwest region for the past 20 years.  I came to Oregon in 2002 to work at Crater Lake and that’s when I realized I was never moving back to the mid-west. 

I have many botanical interests, including foraging the woods for edible berries and other useful plant materials.  Professionally, my interests are deeply rooted in restoration and preservation.  There are many accomplishments I take pride in but a few of my personal highlights have included: reintroduction efforts for the threatened Golden Paintbrush (Castilleja levisecta), transplanting violets on the coast for the federally listed Oregon silverspot butterfly, and collecting whitebark pine cones for research related to blister rust resistance.