Medicinal and Edible Plants Uses

Talk will be held in the Annex

Around the globe and throughout time, plants have been a source of food and medicine. Despite our reliance on grocery and drug stores, local plants are still sources of nutrition and health. Learn about how to use plants of the Umpqua for food and medicine.

WREN DAVIDSON-Owner, Yerba Buena Botanicals of Eugene, OR. 
Wren studied under world renowned herbalist Michael Moore.

She has been studying and planting herbs since 1971.  She helped to organize the Women's Herbal Conference in 1986. 

She says, "My calling is seeking to study the Northwest flora and fauna and introducing them to my human relatives. I love taking people on herb walks in their own neighborhoods so they can meet the nearby plants (weeds to some), seeing them in a new way, as beauty, food and medicine. This hopefully engenders in them, not only curiosity to learn more, but a sense of 'belonging to' rather than 'being separate from' their natural world."