2013 Glide Wildflower Show
A beautiful sunny weekend


Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures in the days leading up to this year's show produced a RECORD BREAKING display of plants.  For the first time ever there were 703 specimens in the show.  That is 50 plants more than the highest previous count.  The wildflowers went WILD this spring!


The fern table

Visitor studying the grasses. 

Ken Carloni, botanist from UCC, give a walking lecture about the plants in the show.

By mid-morning Saturday the visitors started pouring in. 
This year's show was dedicated to the memory of Abbey Rosso.  A large gathering of her friends and family attended the show to help pay tribute to her.

Read about how Abbey saved the Wildflower Show.

The famous pie table ~ a central feature of the show.


The crowd grows as the day progresses.

 Native plants for sale at the show.



A recent addition to the show is a wildflower walk.  A guided walk along Swift Water Trail to Fern Falls shows visitors about 85 of the plants in the show in their natural setting.  The walk is to the falls is about 2.6 miles round trip.  Walkers can go as far as they like and turn around and head back to the show.  The trail is through an old growth forest that follows along the North Umpqua River.  It is a spectacular walk!

  Some come to look.

 Some come for the walk.

Some come to take pictures . . .

and more pictures.

Admiring the falls.

A tiny rivulet at the falls.

Then, of course, there is the hike back.

As soon as the show is over and the building restored to order,  plans for next year begin.  The show is an evolutionary process, growing and improving as it goes.  This year the weather was exceptionally good for the flowers, resulting in a phenomenal display at the show. 

We look forward to seeing you next year!