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The Glide Wildflower Show

The Council
(the governing body that oversees the day to day operations)
Jeanne Moore  -  chair
Becky McRae  -  vice-chair
Theresa Dielensynder  -  treasurer
Judy Tighe  -  secretary
Debbie Barbre
Theo Glenn
Dianne Muscarello
Chris Rusch
Nancy Tague
Barbara Thomas

Contact Information
Jeanne Moore  541-498-2268

Council Advisors
Maureen Kirby
Susan Rudisill - posters & art

“Wildflowers are often abundant but they are not indestructible;
many of our loveliest ones are in danger of extinction by our carelessness.   By knowing our wildflowers we can better preserve them for ourselves and for the future.”
This mission statement is from show founder, Reggie Miller, and continues to guide the council today.

The collection of all specimens for the Wildflower Show are done under the Native Plant Society of Oregon Guidelines and Ethical code.
The purposes of GWS are exclusively those allowed for organizations under Sec.501c-3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  They include the annual display of native plants of SW Oregon, education of general public and youth of the value and importance of native plants and their preservation, and working cooperatively with citizens, businesses, and government agencies to promote the displays and importance of native plants.

All participants including the Council are volunteers. There are NO paid positions. Since GWS is a non-profit entity all donations are tax deductible. GWS's sole financial support is from grants for specific equipment needs and projects along with donations to cover cost of presenting the show.   Some of these expenses are: phone, postage, incidental supplies, advertising, printing posters and flyers, web space, storage rental.  The list could go on and on. 

If you or your organization would be interested in helping us in our cause, please mail donations to:

Glide Wildflower Show
P.O. Box 332
Glide, OR  97443

All donations are welcome, no matter how small or how large.   If you have any questions please call either of the show chairs for additional information. 

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